10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Student Loan

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Student loan are a crucial part of financing and obtaining the needed money and although the application process is quite comprehensive, it is rather a necessity for those learners who are seeking to enter or continue their college education. Some of the potential implications of poor application process include; High stress, high debts, and long term effects on your financial life. To assist you through these sometimes confusing and often stressful steps, we have gathered the top 10 things to avoid when applying for student loan.

They do not compare all loans: It is crucial to note that some companies do not compare all the loans in the market but focus on a certain few.

Federal vs. Private Loans

This is why so many students fail to investigate all the potential loan types that are available for application. Federal student loan are usually cheaper, as they include both lower interest rates, more convenient options of repayment, and even loan discharge. Whereas, it is essential to inform the reader that private loans may have a higher interest rate and may include fewer regulations. This distinction and the advantages of one type of loan over another must be known prior to selecting a particular type of loan.

Leaving out the Federal application for student aid or FAFSA

Importance of FAFSA

The FAFSA acts as a portal to applying for federal aid such as grants, work-study, or federal loans among other relevant aid. These opportunities are what you stand a chance of missing out on if you do not follow through with the FAFSA. If you never dreamed that you’d have anything coming your way, you really should fill out the FAFSA anyway because you never know.

Ignoring the Interest Rates other than the When of that particular loan.

Understanding Loan Conditions

Thus, student loan are not one and the same no matter the type of education one is pursuing. Interest rates and terms may not be thoroughly considered since they could complicate and sometimes add hidden cost later. The former applies changeable interest rates, while the latter can have fixed interest rates though, most of the time, they are bound to rise after a specific time. It is very important to make sure that one always read the small print and bend their ear before going for that particular loan.

Borrowing More Than Necessary

Budgeting for School

However, while applying for the loan the temptation of taking the maximum amount offered may seem so appealing, but the result is that you will be having a higher amount to pay after your course. Be wise when choosing your educational investment and avoid getting a loan that you have not budgeted for. Part-time job, Awards or grants should be considered as possible means of financing your education besides the loan to help minimize the level of indebtedness.

Not Considering Loan Fees

Hidden Costs

It is also essential to note that some loans have fees like origination fees or other costs that may lead to a higher amount owed overall. Private loans tend to have higher foreclosure fees than federal loans although the difference is normally not significant. Do not forget to include these charges on the overall principal amount you wish to borrow as well as when planning your repayment schedule.

Skipping Loan Counseling Sessions

Importance of Education

Federal student loan call for both entrance and exit counseling to ensure that the borrowers appreciate the expectations put on them together with the available payment plans. You may fail to know certain aspects regarding your loans whenever you skip these sessions. Approach these sessions seriously to avoid missing on some of the essential responsibilities and expectations you will be bound to meet.

Lack of a Repayment Plan

Planning Ahead

Students only wake up to the reality of repaying the loans after they have graduated. Laying out a clear repayment plan will of course help you deal with the debt appropriately. In case of loans, go through various payment plans and select the one that is best suited for your income earning capabilities and future job prospects.

For Neglecting to Continue Communication with Your Loan Provider

Staying Informed

Staying in contact with your loan servicer is important to stay up to date at every point of the process. This they found out the hard way when they failed to deal with some letters sent to them or simply failed to update their current address. Also ensure that you confirm your loan status and in case of changes in the repayment plan.

Ignoring Loan Forgiveness Programs

Potential Savings

First-time homebuyers do not have to know about the existence of specific loan forgiveness programs for their particular line of work, for instance, public services or teaching. If you are lucky to meet the requirements you set when applying for these programs, they can help you minimize this amount to a very large extent. Look into and apply for any possible repayment plan forgivness that one may qualify to.


Nonetheless the following are some general pitfalls that should be overlooked to help in easing the process of application for a student’s loan as well as efficient handling of an answered indebtedness. Therefore when you consider all these aspects you will be in a position to get the best deal in the market based on the terms and conditions available on the options you have chosen so that you make the right decision that will lead to your financial freedom. A wise saying goes a long way as goes the saying that the effort put toward something now will be seen to have well paid off in the future.

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