5 Creative Ways to Incorporate LUCIDA Laminates from CenturyPly into Your Kitchen Design

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The kitchen oftentimes is seen as the center of the house giving life to food items and various memories. Designing a kitchen with not only the utmost functionality but also an attractive component is vital. Laminates can be a great choice to incorporate in kitchens. 

CenturyPly, a leading brand in the plywood sector knows this demand very well and is dominating the market with their new product line of Lucida laminates. Lucida laminates present the perfect combination of style and durability. 

In addition, the versatility of these laminates makes them an obvious choice for today’s modern kitchen designs. In this article, we shall talk about 5 creative ways to incorporate Lucida laminates from centuryPly.

Sleek Cabinet Facades: 

Kitchen cabinets are one of the primary factors determining the overall style and perception of a kitchen. Lucida laminates allow the creation of stylish and sophisticated facades of cabinets that instantly elevate the kitchen ambience. 

An individual can choose plain colours, or vibrant colours for your backsplash, such as deep blue or stunning white, as they will pop against other patterns in your kitchen. LAMICIDA laminates with their smooth surface guarantee smooth and easy cleaning, ideal for use in the kitchen.

Statement Countertops: 

Update the looks of your kitchen countertops with Lucida laminates. These laminates can simulate any appearance from natural marble and granite to wood textures, offering you the chance to get the luxury look. 

Whether you love the timeless classic feel of marble or the natural warmth of oak wood, Lucida laminates give you the freedom to do what you love and give you plenty of options to complement your style. 

Not only are Lucida laminates beautiful to look at but also they stand the tests of stains, scratches, and even abrupt exposures to heat, so in places like kitchens where the countertops are subjected to high traffic, they make an ideal material of choice.

Chic Backsplashes: 

The affordability and ease of Lucida laminate as backsplash options will help you realize your dream of a unique colour and character for your kitchen. Compared to square decorative tiles of traditional ceramic ones, choose laminates painted in strong colours of red, or wear patterns to become an essential focus point in your kitchen. 

Whether you go with a shiny finish or a contemporary look or opt for a more soft and subtle appearance via a matt finish, Lucida laminates enable you to let your imagination run free and devise new and sophisticated ideas.

Customized Island Panels: 

Whether you go for the uniform surface or pick the supplemental colours and textures for laminates, you have an abundant range of variations to complete your kitchen as per your taste of choice. With our LUCIDA laminates, combining and blending your kitchen can be as easy as covering a focal point that brings together the various discrepancies of your design.

Integrated Appliances: 

Conceal kitchen appliances seamlessly with Lucida laminates for a cohesive and streamlined look. If most of the prime appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens have matching laminates, then the overall look of your kitchen entices the eye and thus complements its design. Choose laminates that match the current kitchens colour as well as agree with its colour scheme and style to get an integrated look.

Final Overview

Lucida laminates for the kitchen from CenturyPly do not just present an opportunity to change your kitchen design, rather, they enable you to provide a whole new kitchen makeover experience that can be both classy and functional. 
Whether you want to use the laminates to obtain a smart, modern, and cutting-edge look or a mood that is cosy and inviting, Lucida laminates will provide unlimited creativity for you and your design will be accomplished as you imagined.

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